About My Practice

Honest Feedback

I am an active therapist and give lots of feedback. Clients have told me that I give very honest feedback while doing so in a very safe way. That would be my aim. I see the best in my clients. I would never minimize or gloss over a person’s pain but I want to encourage my clients to live and work from a position of strength.

In general, my theoretical model is Object Relations, a post-Freudian theory that focuses on the emotional resonance between one’s inner world of thoughts, feelings and images with the reality of the external environment.

Areas of Practice

Individual Psychotherapy

Support and enhancement of self-esteem, love and personal success.

Couples Therapy

Helping Couples navigate the conflicts of self-involvement and relational maturation.

Adolescent Psychotherapy

Teaching, encouraging and promoting individuation while resolving the undeniable realities of authority in our socio-cultural environment.